Sunday, March 27, 2016

Roll and Play Card Game for Toddlers

Idea courtesy:

I have used the following colors and themes:
  • Yellow:  Directions.  -- Up, Down, Right, Left
  • Violet:  Body Parts.  --Point your nose, Touch your toes, Nod your Head, Show your ears
  • Green:  Animal Sounds.  --Roar like a lion, Moo like a cow, Meoww like a cat, Quack like a duck
  • Orange:  Counting.  -- Clap your hands two times, Blink 3 times, turn around once, Jump 4 times
  • Blue:  Colors.  -- What colour is your dress/tshirt?, Show me something black, Bring your yellow ball, Get your pink bat
  • Red:  Action Cards. -- Jump, Dance, Sing, Clap
This is how our cards look like


Before the cards got their color


Use a soft dice with all the 6 colors. You can make one on your own, just follow the steps here.

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