Sunday, February 7, 2016

DIY Dinosaur stuffed toy

If your LO loves Peppa Pig series he/she is sure to love George too, and his dinosaur. My little girl Avani, came up with a new toy request for the dinosaur. No she did not want us to buy one, she wanted me to make one. I was on cloud 9 to see her confidence in my craft skills :) and decided to take up the new assignment.
This is how our Dinosaur looks like
You can reuse any fabric, as you can see these are her old pajamas. Draw the basic shape for the body and limbs.

Leave about 1/2 cm border for stitching.

Make same shapes in cardboard to give the Dino a sturdy shape. Two layers for the body and a single layer for limbs will do.

That is how the body looks like once done, first stitch the triangles separately, then start stitching the body, with the cardboard pieces on either sides and cloth filling in the center. Note that the spikes are only cardboard with a layer of fabric covering. I have drawn the eyes with a ball-point pen. Feel free to use googly eyes to make it more realistic.

The limbs were attached. That too is a layer of cardboard with fabric covering. I have used acrylic paint to make the Dino go green.

It took me about 3 hours to finish this, as I stitched everything by hand. This is simple if you know basic stitching. In case you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment. Hope you enjoy making the Dino, and your LO won't stop scaring everyone around saying "DINSAUR" just like little piggy George :)


  1. Nice and cute Dino..Keep up the beautiful work!!

    1. Thank you Anny, hope you will enjoy making it as well :)

  2. Awesome....I bet Naman would enjoy doing it.