Sunday, February 7, 2016

Neck Pillow Cover

After repeated attempts in trying to find one I decided to make a neck pillow cover myself.

I am a cleanliness freak and was not happy to have my toddlers neck pillow being used without a cover. One it keeps falling all over the road on outings, not to forget the drool. And two she loves to open and let the air out all the time.
So this was my quick fix...

We have the inflatable one like the one below.Take a pair of hosiery pajamas that your toddler has grown out of (typically size 6-12 months)and stitch together the opening for the legs.

This fits the neck pillow like magic :). You can fix a button and ribbon to fasten it on the rear side.

Now this cover makes your regular pillow look like a new one, and can be a good eye-candy for a toddler who refuses to get into her stroller :P

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