Sunday, January 17, 2016

Zero cost colouring cards/flash cards

As your LO learns to use crayons and explores the world of colours, it is difficult to contain their excitement in a few pages or books. The excercise to teach them to colour only in those pages is tiresome indeed. Once this is achieved it is difficult to control the excitement of these little colour genies, who can fill the whole paper with colourful lines in a matter of seconds. No amount of colour books are going to be sufficient, as they get filled with colours before you turn your back.

I finally gave up to the idea of books and decided to create my own colouring cards, with a bonus that this woudl cost me zero. Well almost zero cost, all you need are empty carton boxes, (cereal, muesli, etc) with plain insides that can be used to draw simple everyday objects/animals, and a black pen/pencil. You could try the ones I have done here, or look at one of the tutorials online where they teach you to draw simple figures.

Birds Nest
XMas Tree

Her little fingers...

...modified into exotic birds

Carrot, Apple, Pumpkin, Telephone, Clock, Duck...

Your palm could become a finger family
 As you finish the big rectangular pieces, your LO will definitely want many more on the smaller pieces as well, like in our case. And so the doodling continued...
Joker, Toothbrush - toothpaste, Mobile, Pencil

Giraffe, Elephant, funny looking owl

Caterpillar, Train

Happy Coluring :)

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