Monday, December 28, 2015

Reindeer - Hand Puppet

I made this for a little girl - an ardent fan of the movie Frozen. I hope this reindeer reminds her of Sven from the movie.

All you need is some cloth, preferably hosiery that will hold paint well, or if you have similar colored cloth the better. And a plastic bottle to cut the horns from. Needle and Thread to sew it up together

This is a T-shirt sleeve from an out-of-use kids T-shirt, fold the top and cut the edges to seal this end.

Add another piece like the one here for the reindeer's face and one for its beard. 

 Now the piece that forms the forehead and ears, I have used socks to get the soft feel.

There you go with the horns, eyes and nose

Some improvement for the eyes, a small portion added as mouth, stitch them all up and I tried giving it bunny teeth, but later decided to remove those :)

Painted the face and horns gray, some finishing touches on the nose, and an added layer of beard. Sven the reindeer is ready for CAMERA, LIGHTS, ACTION

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