Monday, June 15, 2015

Tortoise - Hand Puppet

We all know how important story telling is for little children. It opens a whole new world for them. Especially if you could top the story telling experience with hand puppets, the hare and the tortoise come alive. The sparkle in your tots eyes to see this is worth a million dollars :)
Handmade Tortoise hand puppet, upcycling old clothes: Here is a step by step detail on how to make this one right at home, that too by recycling.This is a T-shirt sleeve from an out of use kids T-shirt:

Mark out small section to be stitched for holding fingers.
Cut out section for the head
The base is ready
Cut out the shape for the tortoise's shell
Stuff the shell with some cloth and stitch around the sides. My daughter could barely wait for the tortoise to be painted.
I quickly managed to scribble the shell with marker pens and mark the eyes. You can choose to add goggly eyes/buttons/laces as required.

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